About Us

Westchester Wellness Medicine is dedicated to maximizing your health and longevity. Through a comprehensive program integrating supplements, nutrition counseling, stress management, detoxification and hormone replacement therapy, we help our patients achieve their full health potential. Dr. Baccellieri works with athletes and non-athletes to help them achieve peak performance.

We specialize in providing personalized treatment for Men's health including low libido, low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and prostate health.

Additionally, we provide medical weight loss management for men and women, including the HCG protocol, IV nutritional therapies- including Myer's cocktail, glutathione and vitamin C. Lastly for severe depression he is utilizing low dose IV ketamine in certain select patients.

If you are suffering from the effects of traumatic brain injury and mild cognitive impairment, contact our office today to find out about our holistic/integrative treatment program.

Convenient location in Westchester County New York, we are close to both New York City and Fairfield, Connecticut.

Meet the Practitioner

Angelo Baccellieri, M.D.

Angelo Baccellieri, M.D. Graduated from Downstate Medical School, New York in 1992 and completed his residency at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Emergency Medicine. He is an Assistant Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and has been active in research and medical student education. Dr. Baccellieri is board certified in Anti-Aging and Restorative Medicine (A4M). He is currently a Fellow at A4m specializing in Bioidentical hormone replacement and functional medicine. Dr. Baccellieri is the founder of the Westchester Wellness Medicine clinic, a practice that focuses on achieving longevity through a program that integrates vitamins/supplements, nutrition, hormone replacement, exercise, and body detoxification. He is a weight loss specialist and has helped many lose weight where diets have failed.

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